Veni grant awarded

logo_headerI’m very proud to announce that I’ve been rewarded a Veni grant!

Last week I’ve received the follow email from the Governing Board of NWO:

The Governing Board of NWO reached a final decision on your application for the Veni programme. I am pleased to inform you that the Governing Board has decided to award you a Veni grant for your proposed research entitled ‘Mining big data to improve biologically personalized therapeutics for cancer patients’ (file number 016.166.025).

Your application was assessed in accordance with the customary peer review procedure with the right for rebuttal and in accordance with the criteria listed in the Brochure of the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme Veni 2015. You were also invited for an interview at which time you were given the opportunity to discuss the details of your proposal. Following this procedure the ZonMw Board reached a decision on the priority ranking advised by the ZonMw Veni Committee. This prioritization was submitted to the Governing Board of NWO. The Governing Board of NWO decided to award 161 of the total of 1124 grant proposals that were submitted. Out of the 187 Veni proposals submitted to ZonMw, 23 proposals shall receive a grant.