PhD-student guidance:

2017 – present : Carlos G. Urzua, PhD-student, project: POINTING, towards patient-tailored cancer immunotherapy supported by a multifaceted predictive signature composed of integrative omics and molecular imaging.

2017 – present : Vincent Leeuwenburgh, PhD-student, project: Developing Activity-Based Probes to Dissect and Monitor Altered Metabolism in Cancer Cells.

2016 – present : Arkajyoti Bhattacharya, PhD-student, project: Mining big data to improve biologically personalized therapeutics for cancer patients.

2016 – present : Pascal K.C. Jonker, PhD-student, project: The identification and validation of new biomarkers in thyroid carcinoma.

2016 – present : Xiaojuan Zhao, PhD-student, project: Esophageal cancer.

2015 – present : Thijs T. Wind, PhD-student, project: Imaging and therapeutic targets in melanoma.

2015 – present : Saskia Hanemaaijer, PhD-student, project: New treatment options in head and neck cancer.

2015 – present : Sergi Guerrero, PhD-student, project: Replication stress in tumors.

2016 – present : Cyrillo Brahm, PhD-research; Supervisors: H.M.W. Verheul, A.M.E. Walenkamp, R.S.N. Fehrmann, A. Westerman; Title of thesis: Improving the standard of care in glioblastoma: a challenging search for novel treatments.

2016 – 2019 : Rico D. Bense, PhD-research; Supervisors: E.G.E. de Vries, C.P. Schröder, R.S.N. Fehrmann; Title of thesis: In silico strategies to improve insight in breast cancer.

2015 – 2019 : Kirsten L. Moek, PhD-research; Supervisors: E.G.E. de Vries, D.J.A. de Groot, R.S.N. Fehrmann; Title of thesis: PET imaging and in silico analyses to support personalized treatment in oncology.

2014 – 2018 : Stephanie van Gijn, PhD-research; Supervisors: M.A.T.M. van Vugt, R.S.N.Fehrmann; Title of thesis: Towards new personalized treatment options for patients with genomically unstable tumors.

2014 – 2017 : Elmira Hartmans, PhD-research; Supervisors: J.H. Kleibeuker, G.M. van Dam, R.S.N. Fehrmann, W.B. Nagengast; Title of thesis: A new frontier in the field of gastroenterology: Fluorescence Molecular Endoscopy.


2015 – present : Elles Wierenga, lab technician. Continued in the van Vugt lab at the UMCG.

Research Clerkships guidance:

2019 : Willemijn F Oudijk; internship bioinformatics; Supervisors: R.S.N. Fehrmann.

2019 : Dylan Mezach, Bachelor thesis; Supervisors: R.S.N. Fehrmann, S. de Jong; Title: Identifying immunomodulatory targets in melanoma.

2017 : Jorrit Bakker, MSc-thesis; Supervisors: B. Plank, R.S.N. Fehrmann; Title: Predicting the primary origin of Cancer of Unknown Primary using mRNA expression profiles and machine learning.

2016 : Carlos G. Urzua Traslavina, MSc-thesis; Supervisor: R.S.N. Fehrmann; Title: Transcriptional profiles of cancers with unkown primary tumor. (continued as PhD-student)

2015 : Rico D. Bense, MSc-thesis; Supervisors: C.P. Schröder, R.S.N. Fehrmann; Title: Target-finding in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer based on Genomic Instability: a Meta-Analysis. (continued as PhD-student)

2014 : Christiaan Serbanescu-Kele, MSc-thesis; Supervisors: B.E.C. Plaat, S.F. Oosting, R.S.N. Fehrmann; Title: Genomic instability is a prognostic maker in head and neck cancer.

Research guidance:

2015 – 2016 : Pascal K.C. Jonker, MD, project: The identification and validation of new biomarkers in thyroid carcinoma. (continued as PhD-student).